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Homeowner's Association

Thank you for visiting our Homeowners Association website.

Our goal is to keep you informed about your H.O.A. & Community.


We are a family oriented gated community located just North of Berryhill Road in Milton off of Anderson Lane. The Cottonwood Subdivision was established in 2005.
Just minutes from downtown Pace and Milton each of our homes sit on large half acre lots in the quiet midst of the natural shade of oak trees.  We are proud of our community and excited about what it is becoming!


From the Board


Upcoming Community Yard Sales will be announced here!


No owner may cause or permit unreasonable noises or odors on the owners lot.

Section 4.6 - Nuisances.  No Owner may cause or permit unreasonable noises or odors on the Owner's Lot. No Owner may commit or permit any nuisance, any immoral or illegal activity, or anything that may be an annoyance or a noxious or offensive activity to the other Owners or their guests. Soliciting within Cottonwood Subdivision is strictly prohibited without the approval of the Declaration or the Association. 


With Fall here, we know that bonfires and the burning of excess yard debris seems to be the new found trend. However, PLEASE DON'T!

Uncontrolled burns of ANY KIND are not permitted within the association. 

The Florida Fire Prevention Code prohibits fires during the hours of darkness, no fires are allowed within 50 feet of residences, grassy areas, and wooded areas. This issue is not only against the association’s Covenants constituting a nuisance to surrounding properties, it is against Florida Fire Prevention Code.



There is a new 4-way stop at the intersection of Brighton and Broadfield

Please observe your traffic laws.


Owner's are required to ensure that they are containing dogs within your property lines and always ensuring that all pets are not causing a nuisance, of any kind, to surrounding properties.

Section 4.9 Pets.  Only” household pets” may be kept at a Lot. In no event may any pet, including household pets, be kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purpose. Each owner will be strictly responsible for the behavior of his or her household pets. An Owner may not permit the household pet to become a nuisance or annoyance to other Owners. Each Owner will be responsible to immediately collect and dispose of waste and litter from the Owner’s pets.

For more information on the proper care and ordinances of the Santa Rosa County Leash and Animal Laws, please visit





The Cottonwood Subdivision association fees cover a wide verity of things, including, but not limited to, the maintenance of the common areas such entrance beautification & maintenance, irrigation work, landscaping for common areas, improvements, road maintenance and repairs, gate maintenance and repairs, etc. All owners are privy to view the association's Budget for more detail on what your fees are being delegated to. The Board of Directors works closely with Management to ensure that all association fees are properly collected and that they are diligently delegated to your association to ensure and increase your property values and desirability of Cottonwood Subdivision.



$332.00 Annually

Due January 1 of each year

Considered late after January 31!


The association budgets it’s funds for the year based on this income, per lot, per year. Your association dues can be paid by the following: 

Online Payment

Click Here to view the Elite Housing Online Payment Portal

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